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Working fine for months - now problems?
Been using Crossover to play a game (Everquest) via my Mac laptop. Installed great, launched fine and played a few times a week for a few months. Now, Crossover opens fine and when I click the game icon, it does show in the button bar but after anywhere from 10 seconds all the way up to a minute (differs everytime), it simply disappears and won't launch.

I have already tried:
-restarting the computer
-uninstalling and reinstalling Crossover
-uninstalling and reinstalling Everquest

any ideas? I paid for Crossover to play this game and pay monthly for a subscription to the game so want to be able to solve the prob and keep playing/not waste money :) thanks!
Hi Spencer, I also just bought crossover today to play Everquest 2 based on "check before you pay" showing it as works very well.

I'm getting the exact same issue.  Hope someone has a solution!
I too am seeing this attempting to run Everquest 1. I was previous wondering if it is due to the sunsetting of Windows XP support. But I tried installing it within a Windows 7 bottle as well with no change.
I have had this same issue since last Wednesday June 28th. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling EQ and Crossover. When I re install from the crossover Everquest of apps it gets through all the direct x installs and then fails to install the game. When I try and install the download from the EQ site it crashes overtime at direct x install. I hope someone can fix this soon! New expansion is coming soon! I have played this flawlessly for well over a year on my MacBook Pro and this is first time issue.
Just to add here - I am seeing the same thing.  Please help.

I'm experiencing the same thing. The game won't launch at all.

I tried to run the game trough Terminal with WineHQ. Same problem.

Hope someone will find what's the problem!

Thanks :)
Here is the answer I received from support:

Hey Marie-Christine,

Unfortunately both EverQuest and EverQuest II have recently changed something about how their launchers work that make them incompatible with Crossover at this time. We are currently investigating the issue and I have attached you to the bug so you will be notified as soon as a solution or work around is found.

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach back out.

Best regards,
CodeWeavers Tech Support

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