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Skyrim music/voices stopped in working in 19.0
OSX 10.14 .6. Upgraded from 18.5 to 19.0. Using already existing Skyrim bottle from 18.5, voices and music no longer play in Skyrim (non-SE). Other sound effects work fine, ambient sounds, footsteps, etc. Installed 18.5 back over and sounds started working again.

Any ideas on how to get this to work in 19.0 or how to debug? Otherwise, I'll stay at 18.5 for the time being.
Same issue for me too with sound in Skyrim.  Installing xact via winetricks and setting wine configuration DLL overrides to native for xaudio2_6 and xaudio2_7 fixes the issue for CrossOver 19.0 on Mojave.  But on Catalina I've only managed to get music working with those DLL overrides. Unfortunately other sounds like NPC voices and ambient sounds in Skyrim do not work with CrossOver 19.0 on Catalina - not sure if this is to do with some 64 bit to 32 bit funkiness with WMA formats?
After a bit more testing it appears a workaround to get functioning audio on Skyrim (non SE) on CrossOver 19 on macOS Catalina is to add x3daudio1_6 and x3daudio1_7 as DLL overrides (native, built-in) in addition to xaudio2_6 and xaudio2_7 DLL overrides (native, built-in) that I mentioned in my previous post
Thank you so much Jason!

So... there's very little information on how to do this kind of surgery with OSX and Crossover. So I'm going to document the steps I took here. I might be wrong on some of it, so feel free to correct me.
1) Install 'Brew' from instructions at

2) Install winetricks via brew from the Terminal
# brew install winetricks

3) Install xact. In the terminal:
# export WINEPREFIX=${HOME}/Documents/winetricks
# export WINE=/Applications/
(Adjust path to to wherever you have CrossOver installed)
# winetricks xact
I get various warnings. I have no idea if they're relevant or not, or even if this command itself actually worked and I got lucky in the subsequent steps.

4) Override the DLLs.
- Run CrossOver and enter the bottle where you have Skyrim installed.
- Run the "Wine Configuration" application. Choose the Libraries tab.
- Choose the 'New override for library:" drop down and choose the x3daudio1_6 and click 'Add'
- Repeat the above step for x3daudio1_7, xaudio2_6, and xaudio2_7
- Exit out of the tool and run Skyrim as you normally would. Hopefully you'll hear music and the menu screen

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