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Steam page has no graphics
OS 10.15.4

Installed Steam on Crossover, but the steam window is blank. I can select "Library", "Store" etc, but there are no graphics/link in the widnows. Help!

I have the same issue. Unfortunately Crossover 19.01 and Steam is a no go for me currently...
There are 2 known issues currently with Steam on CrossOver Mac that would cause the behavior you described, and both should be able to be fixed:

A) Fresh Steam bottles require "Enable GPU accelerated rendering" to be unchecked under Steam Settings -> Interface.

B) Steam updates will break the bottle.  There is a Steam launch option in the Steam Beta client that fixes this issue, and we are working on an easier way to implement this in the next version.  In the meantime, here are the steps to get the Steam Beta Client and use the launch option:

1) Switch to the Steam Beta Client:
- Click on the Steam icon in the upper right hand corner of the dock (to the left of the time).
- Click on "Settings" to open Steam settings
- Under the "Account" tab, look for "Beta participation" and click "CHANGE" to opt in to the Steam Beta Update
- Steam will automatically prompt you to restart Steam -- Do this.

2) Close Steam completely.

3) Run Steam with the launch options: "-allosarches -cef-force-32bit"
- Right-click on the Steam icon in CrossOver
- Click "Run with Options..."
- add the following options to the Command Line Options box: -allosarches -cef-force-32bit
- Click "Run"

Currently, you will need to run Steam in this way (following Step 3) every single launch. If you do not use those launch options, it will still be broken.  We are working on a solution embedded in CrossOver to automate this process, but this is the bleeding edge fix :)  

If the solution in B) does not work, I would suggest first installing Steam into a fresh bottle, and then following A) and B).  There have been cases where older bottles were not fixed by simply following the process in B).


Hi, thanks for these detailed instructions!  They didn't work for me, so I'll be trying to set up a new Steam bottle.  A follow-up question: is there any way to transfer files over to the new bottle from the old one?  I have saved games in Steam that I'm hoping to preserve, is there any way to do that?  Thanks!
First -- if you install a new copy of Steam and it is still not working, please make sure "Enable GPU accelerated rendering"  is unchecked under Steam Settings -> Interface (in the Steam settings menu).  This is the most common source of failure that I have seen.

Stjepan posted these instructions for doing just that on another forum thread:

Stjepan's trick:
1. Open bottle c: drive and move SteamApps folder to desktop.
2. Delete Steam folder.
3. Reinstall Steam into same bottle, login and update Steam
4. Move and replace Your original SteamAps folder with all installed games from desktop back to the bottle.

I believe that you could also move the steamapps folder into your new bottle as well.  It might require you to click "install" so that Steam looks for existing files.

The steamapps folder will be typically located here:
/Users/(your_user_name)/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/Steam/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps

It is easier to do this using the terminal if you are familiar, but it is also possible to follow the instructions with Finder by hitting command+shift+. (dot) together to show hidden files since "Library" is a hidden file.
Something I do to have a stable Steam bottle, is to prevent more updates after first install.
After installing Steam into a new bottle, I set a simple config file in the Steam app directory.

In a plain-text file named Steam.cfg add only this line and save where steam.exe is:
This does prevent those interim Steam updates that seem to mess up in Crossover currently.
If you want those updates back, remove the Steam.cfg file or set the option to Disable.

Anna Lasky Posted:
First -- if you install a new copy of Steam and it is still not working, please make sure "Enable GPU accelerated rendering"  is unchecked under Steam Settings -> Interface (in the Steam settings menu).  This is the most common source of failure that I have seen.

That did the trick!  I used Time Machine to restore /Users/(my_user_name)/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/ from a backup before Steam had updated itself into oblivion, and once I unchecked the "Enable GPU rendering" box in the Settings->Interface menu, bingo!  A Steam window with actual content!  Thanks so much for the help!  

I have the Library folder unhidden in the Finder, so I was able to navigate there and do the restore on that folder ... In case anyone else wants to do a Time Machine restore that same way: go to your Home folder and open View -> Show View Options in the Finder menu, then check "Show Library Folder".

I'm also trying that Steam.cfg file to see if I can prevent auto-updating on Steam's part, thanks for that tip as well!

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