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RESOLVED Phantom icons appearing in Dock when applications launch RESOLVED
David Batten
David Batten
Posted 2014-11-04 10:29
Sorry folks - I didn't realise this topic already appears in the forum.

It seems to be caused (in my case) by running a pre vs 14 Crossover under Mac Yosemite.

David (O.P.)

I run Crossover for Mac on an iMac under Yosemite.

After problems with Crossover/Mac 14.xx I reverted to v13.2 by deleting the one and reinstalling the other from the downloaded .zip file.

Before I tried installing 14.0, running a winxp app in 13.2 would just show the app icon in the Dock.  Since then, and even after re-installing v13.2, I get an extra 4 icons in the Dock, all called "bin".  They can be closed individually, but this results in impaired function and finally closure of the windows app.

This happens with ALL my windows apps. Sometimes I see 12 or more phantom icons.

I expect it to be something I'm doing wrong which may be easily remedied. Anyone ?

Or it may be a consequence of the install/uninstall/reinstall activities, leaving something nasty in the woodshed.  I don't know how I can get any further back than the uninstall/reboot procedure already undertaken.

Can anyone suggest something to try?


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