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Crossover v. 13.0 - no right click option
Posted 2014-12-17 14:08
I updated to crossover 13.0 and now I can't right click by holding down the control key and clicking anymore.
I tried many varieties of shift/control/alt/command/fn keys too.
Is there a way to go back to the old version or a patch for the right click function?
Andrew Balfour
Andrew Balfour Advocate
Posted 2014-12-18 11:17
Make sure you have right-clicking turned on in the Mouse/Trackpad System Preferences. It's default off on new Mac OS installs. Crossover doesn't use X11 anymore and the native Mac driver simply passes right-clicks from the Mac OS to programs running in Crossover.
Posted 2014-12-18 23:15
The secondary click setting worked.

Weirdly, control click has always worked on this machine, but does not work on the Crossover update.
But anyway, the system settings secondary click works on Crossover now.  It wasn't actually turned off, but I didn't know it was there before.

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