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Privacy on Crossover?

I've read Codeweavers privacy policy, and I have to say that I love that it is simple, intuitive and privacy friendly.

But I have privacy questions about third party softwares that I install via crossover.
Is it safer to use crossover to use privacy invasive apps than using native mac or windows version of an app?
For example if I'm using an app via Crossover, Could that app know my macOS verion, screen resolution, or some sort of device identifiers?(ip address is not my concern because of vpn)

I've already read "Technical White Paper: Running Applications Under CrossOver: An Analysis of Security Risks"(
It was interesting to read but it seems to be dated information and didn't fully answer my question.

Network interface information is available to Windows programs running in CrossOver, including MAC addresses, and there are likely other ways to uniquely identify your machine as well. CrossOver also won't prevent the program from accessing any files from the user account running it. (I'd say that paper is inaccurate where it implies that Windows programs cannot access files outside the C: drive. By default, the full Unix filesystem is mapped as Z:. While it is possible to unmap the Z: drive, that's not a supported configuration, and there are still ways for Windows programs to access the files, though that requires the programs to be designed for Wine specifically.)

The main advantage from a security and privacy perspective is that CrossOver will allow you to run the installer as a normal user, even if it would normally require Administrator or root. If you want, you can create a dedicated user account for the software you don't trust as much. You wouldn't have to divide it in exactly that way, for example you could have one account with only trusted software that you use for banking and personal communication, and another account that you use to play video games.

Depending on your use case, a virtual machine might be a more convenient way to get that isolation. It would also have its own network interface with a different MAC address, though I'm not sure that would really protect you from being identified.

Of course, if you think something is malware, you shouldn't run it at all.

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