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Shadow Warrior 2 from Steam works but doesn’t?

I saw users reporting that Shadow Warrior 2 works well on M1 mac with Crossover.

However, I bought this game from and tried lots of configurations but game crashes instantly or shows black screen(UI isn’t black though).

Since user report from applesilicongames specifies it’s from steam, and the youtube video show casing this game running on crossover is uploaded very recently, could this be a issue with gog?
I think it’s unlikely, but that is the only difference I can find with those users environment.
Should i get a refund and test with steam version?
If there are other users out there trying this game, please share your experience with crossover…

The links you provide are external links. Best to use CrossOver's What Runs-database if you want some reliability:

Hi there,

Did you try enabling DXVK in your bottle? On the Steam version, it works with DXVK but I get a black screen without.


Thanks for your reply
I tried both enabling and disabling dxvk.
When I disable dxvk, it shows black screen.
When I enable dxvk, I see this crash report from Crossover.

The program ShadowMarrior2.ere has encountered a
serious problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000000 in 64-bit code (0x0000000000000000).
Register dump:
rip:0000000000000000 rsp:000000000021f498 rbp:0000000000000000 eflags:00000202 ( - -- I - - - )
rax:0000000000000000 rbx:0000000012e7b120 rcx:0000000009dd20d0 rdx:0000000000000179
rsi:0000000000000000 rdi:0000000009dd20d0 r8:000000000000007f r9:000000007bc7001c r10:000000007bc6ff20
r11:0000000000010138 r12:0000000140b893c0 r13:0000000000000000 r14:0000000000000000 r15:0000000000000000
Stack dump:
0x000000000021f498: 000000000dfce9f1 0000000000000000
0x000000000021f4a8: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000
0x000000000021f4b8: 0000000000000000 404e000000000000
0x000000000021f4c8: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000
0x000000000021f4d8: 0000000000000000 4039000000000000
0x000000000021f4e8: 0000000000000000 00000001418bf828
0x000000000021f4f8: 0000000140db2e78 0000000000000000
0x000000000021f508: 0000000140319d99 0000000009dd20d0
0x000000000021f518: 0000000012e7b120 000000000021f610
0x000000000021f528: 0000000140db2e80 0000000140db2e78
0x000000000021f538: 0000000000000002 0000000100000007
0x000000000021f548: 000000000021f590 000000000021f564
=>0 0x0000000000000000 (0x0000000000000000)
0x0000000000000000: -- no code accessible --
Module Address Debug info Name (76 modules)
ELF 1000- 5000 Deferred <wine-loader>
PE 220000- 268000 Deferred bcrypt
PE 270000- 362000 Deferred advapi32
PE 370000- 5dc000 Deferred msvcrt
PE 5e0000- 687000 Deferred msvcp110
PE 890000- 964000 Deferred msvcr110
PE b50000- cd1000 Deferred winmm
PE ce0000- f26000 Deferred rpcrt4
PE f30000- f52000 Deferred version
PE f60000- 1119000 Deferred fmodex64
PE 1120000- 1152000 Deferred wsock32
PE 1160000- 11d1000 Deferred msacm32
PE 11e0000- 16b1000 Deferred ole32
PE 16c0000- 181f000 Deferred combase
PE 1820000- 18a0000 Deferred fmod_event64
PE 18a0000- 18c0000 Deferred amd_ags_x64
PE 18c0000- 19fa000 Deferred shlwapi
PE 1a00000- 1a4d000 Deferred shcore
PE 1a50000- 1a7e000 Deferred hid
PE 24e0000- 24ed000 Deferred api-ms-win-core-fibers-l1-1-1
PE 24f0000- 24fe000 Deferred api-ms-win-core-localization-l1-2-1
PE dfb0000- dff4000 Deferred d3d11
PE e040000- e04b000 Deferred xinput9_1_0
PE e0b0000- e249000 Deferred mfplat
PE e250000- e2d1000 Deferred propsys
PE e2e0000- e700000 Deferred oleaut32
PE e700000- e736000 Deferred rtworkq
PE 12ee0000- 12efb000 Deferred vulkan-1
PE 407c8000- 407cc000 Deferred libwine.1.0.dylib
ELF 6a000000- 6a016000 Deferred
ELF 6a08e000- 6a141000 Deferred
ELF 6a7b5000- 6a7d4000 Deferred
ELF 6a850000- 6a86c000 Deferred
ELF 6a8e0000- 6a8fc000 Deferred
ELF 6a8fc000- 6a918000 Deferred
ELF 6a918000- 6a95e000 Deferred ws2_32<elf>
-PE 6a920000- 6a952000 \ ws2_32
ELF 6a95e000- 6a984000 Deferred
ELF 6aa05000- 6aa3b000 Deferred iphlpapi<elf>
-PE 6aa10000- 6aa30000 \ iphlpapi
PE 6aa3b000- 6aab9000 Deferred libgmp.10.dylib
PE 6ab62000- 6ab9f000 Deferred libcxpng16.16.dylib
PE 6ac3f000- 6ae44000 Deferred libgnutls.30.dylib
PE 6b081000- 6b12e000 Deferred libcxfreetype.6.dylib
ELF 6b1f4000- 6b262000 Deferred dxgi<elf>
-PE 6b200000- 6b233000 \ dxgi
PE 6b262000- 6b2d5000 Deferred libvkd3d-shader.1.dylib
ELF 6b364000- 6b3cc000 Deferred winevulkan<elf>
-PE 6b370000- 6b3b4000 \ winevulkan
ELF 6b4f4000- 6b6d4000 Deferred wined3d<elf>
-PE 6b500000- 6b67d000 \ wined3d
ELF 6b6d4000- 6b7e4000 Deferred winemac<elf>
-PE 6b6e0000- 6b777000 \ winemac
PE 6ba00000- 6baa7000 Deferred sechost
PE 6bac0000- 6bc99000 Deferred setupapi
ELF 6bc99000- 6bebd000 Deferred opengl32<elf>
-PE 6bca0000- 6bdf1000 \ opengl32
PE 6c7c0000- 6cd68000 Deferred gdi32
ELF 6cd68000- 6d7e3000 Deferred shell32<elf>
-PE 6cd70000- 6d744000 \ shell32
PE 6dc80000- 6dc8e000 Deferred api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-2-0
PE 6e2c0000- 6e2db000 Deferred mswsock
PE 6eb00000- 6f1ce000 Deferred user32
PE 6f880000- 6fad4000 Deferred dbghelp
PE 70940000- 70c17000 Deferred ucrtbase
PE 71000000- 71053000 Deferred imm32
PE 71053000- 7171b000 Deferred libmoltenvk.dylib
PE 7b000000- 7b325000 Deferred kernelbase
PE 7b600000- 7b930000 Deferred kernel32
PE 7bc00000- 7bedb000 Deferred ntdll
PE 7bf00000- c0000000 Deferred menu helper
PE 140000000- 14213d000 Deferred shadowwarrior2
PE 180000000- 180596000 Deferred galaxy64
PE 7ff80cb61000- 7ff80cb99000 Deferred libsystem_kernel.dylib
PE 7ff80cb98000- 7ff80cba4000 Deferred libsystem_pthread.dylib
PE 7ff80cbb0000- 7ff80cbbc000 Deferred libsystem_platform.dylib
process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000030 services.exe
00000034 0
00000038 0
00000044 0
00000060 0
00000078 0
000000a0 0
000000e0 0
0000003c winedevice.exe
00000040 0
0000004c 0
00000050 0
00000054 0
00000058 plugplay.exe
0000005c 0
00000064 0
00000068 0
0000006c 0
00000088 0
00000070 winedevice.exe
00000074 0
0000007c 0
00000080 0
00000084 0
00000090 0
00000094 0
00000098 svchost.exe
0000009c 0
000000a4 0
000000a8 0
000000c4 explorer.exe
000000c8 0
000000cc 0
000000d0 0
000000d8 rpcss.exe
000000dc 0
000000e8 0
000000ec 0
000000f0 0
000000f4 0
000000f8 0
00000104 winewrapper.exe
00000108 0
0000010c winewrapper.exe
00000110 0
00000114 sendwndcmd.exe
00000118 0
0000011c (D) C:\GOG Games\Shadow Warrior 2\ShadowWarrior2.exe
00000120 0 <==
00000128 2
0000012c 0
00000130 0
00000134 0
00000138 0
0000013c 0
00000140 0
00000144 0
00000148 0
0000014c 0
00000158 0
0000015c 0
00000170 0
System information:
Wine build: wine-6.0-9531-g79f46fa8b52
Platform: x86_64
Version: Windows 7
Host system: Darwin
Host version: 21.3.0

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