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How to: Install VC++ Redistributable 2013??
Wade Maxfield
Wade Maxfield
Posted 2019-08-09 17:01
I'm trying to install PSoC Creator 4.2 in a new bottle, and I get to the VC++ 2013 requirement.

How do I satisfy that requirement?  Do I install another program and then install PSoc Creator?  The crossover webpage for this subject has a video of installing Quicken, so no help there.

Last year, PSoC Creator 3.3 installed and worked, but the graphics are terrible.  I'm hoping the graphics are better now.

I do not expect any driver stuff to work, so my expectations are moderated.  In addition, clicking on an HTML embedded link fails, so you have to use menus.  That is understood.
Dashton Peccia
Dashton Peccia
Posted 2019-08-10 11:45
When in crossover, click the 'Install a Windows Application' button at the bottom.  Then in the search bar search 'C++' and scroll down the list that appears until you find the 2013 one.  Be sure to choose the correct 64bit or 32bit version, depending on the bottle you chose to make.  It will then ask you which bottle you want to install to, if you've already created a bottle for that software, and installed the software to it, just choose that bottle.  Otherwise you choose one of the 'create new bottle' options and after your VC++ Redist 2013 is installed, you can install your software and try it.
Wade Maxfield
Wade Maxfield
Posted 2019-08-12 11:26
Thank you, that worked!

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