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Enabling TLS 1.2 in a Win7 bottle (or getting the Quicken CrossTie to build a Win10 bottle)
Bartt Shelton
Bartt Shelton
Posted 2019-11-02 07:20
OK, I suspect this is going to get complicated, but here goes...

I'm running Crossover 18.5 for Mac on a Sierra MBPro. I'm a Quicken for Windows '17 user. I used a CrossTie to set it up & the CrossTie creates a Win7 bottle.

About a week ago, my ability to connect to one particular Financial Institution broke & has not been restored, despite multiple attempts at resolving the issue. If you're familiar with Quicken, I've even tried creating a brand new Quicken file & re-instantiating the account from scratch, all to no avail.

The financial institution's Support tells me the issue is on the Quicken side & Quicken Support tells me that it's on the FI side. But Quicken did at least give me something to review that doesn't seem to be easy in Crossover. I can't find a GUI for it in Crossover.

Quicken Support said I need to look at my Control Panel, Internet Security setting (Advanced) for TLS 1.2. If I run Q on a Windows virtual machine where I can see that TLS 1.2 is enabled, I can connect to the FI. My research into TLS 1.2 & Win7 indicates that it's "available" in Win7, but not Enabled by default. MS didn't start enabling it by default until Win8.

So that I can test Quicken Support's hypothesis, can anyone guide me into enabling TLS 1.2 in my Win7 bottle?

If not, is there a way to get the CrossTie modified to install into a Win8 (or Win10) bottle, where TLS 1.2 might be enabled by default?

Here is the Quicken Support Article to which they directed me, written for a full Windows machine, not a Wine Bottle:

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