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skyrim SE | Catalina 10.15.6 | Crossover 20.0.2 | Black screen
Hey, I was wondering if you guys could help me out here! So I installed Skyrim SE through Steam, installed dxvk, directx for modern games, and I was able to launch the game and interact with the main menu. The game is responsive ( on menu ) and then I click new and I go to the loading screen with the dragon on it, so far so good, after the loading page the games goes dark and the only think I can hear is the horses, wind and sometimes the cart moving, but nothing else, it just keeps playing the sounds and that's it.
I'm not sure what's the problem, and I haven't seen anyone with the same problem.
Hi there,

The issue might be with DXVK. CrossOver 20 ships with a version of DXVK that has Mac-specific tweaks; installing DXVK into a bottle will not work on Mac. If you did actually install DXVK into the bottle; please create a new bottle without DXVK. Then to enable DXVK, right click on the bottle, go to Settings, and then select "DXVK Vulkan backend for D3D11." After selecting DXVK and restarting the application, hopefully Skyrim SE will run properly.

The problem still persists! I reinstalled steam and Skyrim on a new bottle and didn't install anything else. Did as you said and enabled the 'DXVK Backend for D3D11' by right-clicking the bottle and going to settings.
Any other suggestions?
Thank you,
I'm having this exact same issue with the only difference being I'm using Big Sur 11.4
Has there been any solution to this problem?
Even if you do get Skyrim SE to run you’ll likely run into a bug with DXVK where it renders most textures with a crazy gray flickering pattern. The ONLY way I’ve gotten SkyrimSE to run well is to use one of the nightly builds of Crossover 21.

You’d have to be willing to run alpha software and take a chance on it breaking any other Windows games or apps. If you are willing to take a chance, and provide feedback on the experience, you can join the BetterTester program.

Note: if you do use a nightly build make sure you turn DXVK OFF for Skyrim SE.
How do I join the beta program? The only windows program I'm trying to run on my mac is Skyrim SE. I don't have any concerns about other windows programs failing to work or getting screwed up.

I played Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch and just really want to play it with some of the mods out there since it's so difficult a game to play without mods and console commands but I am not going to buy a new gaming computer when I have 2 macbooks here that work great for everything else I do.
Hi Sarah,

You can learn more about and sign up for the BetterTester program here:

You very well might have more luck with a CrossOver 21 nightly, but I would only expect it to make a difference if you are running an m1 mac. If you're using Intel hardware, I wouldn't expect any change. I'd also recommend trying changing your graphics settings in the launcher to see if that helps. Lastly, if you have an older Mac, it could sadly be the case that your hardware just won't allow you to play the game at all :/

Good luck!

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