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PSA: Monterey Beta Breaks Compatibility
FYI, CrossOver does not appear to work with the Monterey Beta. It will open, but programs won't run or install (at least not the one I tried).
That’s to be expected the current version of CrossOver was only tested to function on macOS Big Sur and lower.

I wouldn’t expect any support for the next macOS until CX21 lands.
Monterey changed how thread 0's stack works. This affects the Wine preloader when it tries to reserve some memory in that region. Our devs understand the issue and already have planned fixes.
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may I know if you have any update or timeline on the fix?
Hi there,

We have no timeline for when a version of CrossOver that is compatible with Monterey will be available. Our development team is working on it, but it's a difficult problem to solve. Once the immediate problem with the preloader is solved, our QA team will work hard to identify any other issues with running CrossOver on Monterey.

Historically speaking, it usually takes some time for us to fix compatibility issues with new macOS versions. We get access to the developer beta the same time as everyone else, and we always find that we have work to do to allow CrossOver to run on the the newest macOS.

I back to Big Sur, wait for support !
When is a likely TIMELINE for compatibility going to be available?
I mistakenly installed Monterey and would like to know when (roughly) I can expect my Windows applications to be working again via CrossOver?
Hi all,

As stated above, we have no timeline we can offer for Monterey support. The wine preloader no longer works with Monterey, which is a very serious problem for us to overcome. We are working hard with Apple to find a solution, and will provide updates when we have them. We never recommend that our customers use beta versions of macOS since we know that there are always compatibility problems that we need to fix with new macOS versions. If you have upgraded to the Monterey beta and want to continue using CrossOver, I suggest reverting to Big Sur.

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I hope you guys can find a fix soon. I could install Parallels but frankly CrossOver is superior given its streamlined with minimal hassle (provided the app is supported).
Believe me, all of us want a fix soon too! And thank you for the CrossOver love! ❤️

I reverse it back to Big Sure and it’s not working anymore, I delete and install all back. Super frustrated. I will wait for OS updates. Who knows maybe by some miracle it will work again
Unless you are getting paid to beta-test, or you are a developer that needs to test and update your applications in advance of the full release, please do not install beta versions of MacOS! There is no new feature that's worth the hassle of unfinished and unrefined OS code to an end user. Complaining to a developer that the current release version of their application does not work under a beta version of the OS is ridiculous.

If you simply have to install beta versions of MacOS, do it on a Mac which isn't your daily driver – i.e. you don't use it to for work or to spend your leisure time. At the least, get yourself an external drive and install betas there so that your primary boot volume doesn't get modified by the beta in any way, then you can play around with the new features and still have a fully functional OS to use for your real life.

Beta does not mean "special preview just for you" it means "this thing isn't ready to be sold/released yet" – please keep that in mind, especially in regard to OS betas.
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When will crossover 21 be ready for Mac OS Monterey , just paid for the upgrade where compatibility was mentioned would like a timeline
As latest beta came out I assume no Monterey support until next release. Still not working on Monterey.
Hi all,

If I had a timeline to share, I absolutely would. We are committed to providing support for Monterey, and we will be sharing updates as we are able.

Must replying to get notifications. I with the CodeWeavers luck in getting this to work and will try to report back as the Beta's go through their process in hopes Apple may revert this change (unless it was a security update).
Just installed Monterey Beta 5. Although I can't speak for CodeWeavers itself, the FF14 app that uses it DOES load. So either Apple reverted the change or fixed a bug.
Updated to the last update and crossover does function again
Well, I should have guessed someone would steal my thunder 😉 Stay tuned for a blog post about Monterey coming tomorrow!

Meredith Johnson Posted:
Well, I should have guessed someone would steal my thunder 😉 Stay tuned for a blog post about Monterey coming tomorrow!


Well let’s hope Apple doesn’t break this again as I was told Monterey Beta3 worked but Beta4 broke it.
I was going to do the same
Am currently running macOS 12.0 Monterey Beta 5 right now and I am happy to report that as of this beta release, Wineskin / WineCX seems to work again. So too should CrossOver 21, have not yet tested it, but I suspect it should work.
Paul Lyons Posted:
Am currently running macOS 12.0 Monterey Beta 5 right now and I am happy to report that as of this beta release, Wineskin / WineCX seems to work again. So too should CrossOver 21, have not yet tested it, but I suspect it should work.

Thanks for the confirmation as I don’t plan on updating my M1 Mac Mini until the release.
I too can create bottles now with Monterey Beta 5 on the M1
Monterey Beta 5 now allows Crossover 21 to run again!
It launches my apps fine.

Thank you!

This was my experience as well, I updated from a copy of Big Sur to Monterey 5 and everything appears to be working fine. I only have PopPeeper Pro and The Bat installed...but so far, so good.
Thanks for the update guys. Do I need to reinstall my previously installed apps in Crossover as they don't seem to work for me and I've also updated to the latest Beta version of Monterey 21A5294g.

Update. I guess 21A5294g is actually beta 4. I'm assuming its only available for developers for now. Anybody have any ideas when it will be available as a public release?

Update: For those that are not seeing an update, I had to restart my laptop (which I never usually do) to trigger the Beta 5 download. I'm downloading the update now...I assume it will fix everything :)
When I try to load AOE II DE using Monterey Beta 5, I get the following error message:

"Invalid Address". When I try to load another application like Metatrader, it works just fine. Any ideas?
UPDATE: I had to install AOE II DE again within Steam. Working perfectly (except multiplayer which is a known issue).


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