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Office 365 on ChromeOS
Posted 2017-11-08 07:15
Quoting myself here from another thread:  I have a Pixelbook fresh off the press from Google.  Happy to see this beta become available and instantly installed it.

Okay, so I downloaded the offline installer.  It is in the form of an .IMG file.  Do I need to extract it into its own directory space or what's the best route here?
W Tsang
Posted 2017-11-09 17:09
I can say what hasn't worked... open the IMG file on a Windows PC (it's just like a .ISO image) - copy the files to a USB drive, then use the USB drive on the Pixelbook and copy the files to the Downloads directory.  Select setup.exe in the Crossover for Chrome OS install process.  It runs thru fine, but only File Explorer, Command Prompt and WINE config are available after installation.

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