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There is no Windows Program configured to open this type of file
Thomas Vecchione
Thomas Vecchione
Posted 2018-10-21 08:49
I am getting the above error message after installing Mixbus32Cv5.  Mixbus is an open source program which originated on Linux before moving to OS X and finally Windows.  It is an audio DAW, and because Crostini doesn't support audio yet I am trying to install it via Crossover.

After installing (Which runs fine) when I try to run the software I get first a blank dialog with a square (Looks like it might be missing a font) and then when pressing OK there I get the error message referenced in the title "There is no Windows Program configured to open this type of file" in a new dialog.  I enabled debug logging but wasn't able to find any place where it referenced searching for a missing DLL or similar for me to go off of.  I can archive the bottle and send it via Google Drive if desired for debugging purposes, Mixbus will run in demo mode (Noise every X number of seconds) as I do not have my license installed in it yet.  Would love to get this working as it would mean I can do audio editing on my Chrome laptop without needing to go into debug mode and installing Crouton.

Any suggestions?  Anything else I can provide to assist?

Thomas Vecchione
Thomas Vecchione
Posted 2018-10-21 17:36
Found the problem, the problem is that I was using a 64 Bit installer, with Crossover on ChromeOS, apparently you need to stick with 32 Bit programs instead.  Live and learn.  Thanks anyways.  Now on to improving performance as a basic session takes over 100% CPU right now:)


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