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Is Office 365 working?
Marco Antonio Letona Samayoa
Marco Antonio Letona Samayoa
Posted 2019-03-05 01:22
Just want to ask if Office 365 is working with CrossOver for Chrome OS?
Mark Davis
Mark Davis Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2019-03-05 09:49
Marco Antonio (funny, that's my brother's name!),

I don't see too many other posts of folks having tried O365 on Chrome OS yet.  As of my last test (with version 17.1.0), I could get it to install and some of the apps would run, but they were so slow as to not really be usable (which is odd, because the same Office 2016 apps ran much faster) and they would not load saved files.  So I have been waiting for the next release of CrossOver version 18.x to see if the speed and other issues have been resolved.  I'm guessing that the load and save issues I had with version 17.1.0 might be resolved with version 18.0.0, since they were resolved with Office 2016 and the issues were the same, but I have not tested version 18.0.0 with Office 365.  Also, to get it to install, I had to use the Office Deployment Tool (ODT), and even with that, PowerPoint would crash, but Word and Excel ran (that was all I tested).  So, not for the faint of heart, and your mileage may vary.

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