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Help getting windows programs going
Posted 2019-06-11 16:49
I used the walkthrough to install crossover via Linux terminal on my Pixelbook... But I have two issues.

1. The crossover app never shows up in the app drawer, so I have to always open terminal and enter the command from codeweavers tutorial to open it.

2. I was under the assumption that crossover came pre loaded with some windows programs, however when I try to install Word 2016 as an example, it wants to point me to a directory to choose the installer.

Can anyone give me a hand with this? I am very new at this stuff.

Mark Davis
Mark Davis Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2019-06-14 10:36
  Hey Tim,

I can't help a ton as I've only installed CrossOver twice via the Linux VM on my Chromebook, but hopefully I can help a tad.  I didn't notice CrossOver in my App Drawer either when installed via Linux, but then I received quite a few warnings and error messages (remember that the ability to run Linux programs is still in beta on Chromebooks).  The only Windows programs that I am aware of that get installed with CrossOver (Linux) are File Explorer and Internet Explorer.  In order to install Word 2016, CrossOver wants you to direct it to where you have the Word 2016 installation file (i.e. you have already placed/downloaded it on your Chomebook) stored.  CrossOver will then do it's magic to install Word and you should then get an icon for Word 2016 in your Chromebook's App Drawer, if everything works properly.

Since you're on a Pixelbook though, don't you have the ability to run Android Apps too?  I'd recommend going that route instead of the Linux route as it is much less complex and it all works through the GUI, instead of having to do command line stuff.  CrossOver is available, albeit in beta, but hence for free at the moment, for Android.  I think it will take up a lot less space and be much more user friendly for getting your Windows apps installed and working.  Hope this all helps!

  - Mark

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