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Pixelbook Go Battery Drain
Hello again.

I still can't install the Scrivener 3 64 bit version, only 32 bit, and it only goes into a Windows 7 bottle instead of a Windows 10. The install also needs the speechsdk51.dll downloaded and installed to the Scrivener bottle from barely trustworthy places to run properly on Chrome OS; it's not available from the options in CrossOver. When it runs, it is smooth and relatively easy, with some weird cursor things that happen when dragging and dropping (cursor retains an old shape, and it's hard to click anywhere with it like that).

However, there is now a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, battery drain problem. It used to be that I could use Scrivener on CrossOver for many NaNoWriMo hours and still have plenty of battery. We're talking from 90% down to 29% in less than three hours, which is not normal. It just went down 2% in about three minutes.

Is there a setting that I can change to stop the drain, or do I just have to plug in more often now?
Hi there,

A few comments on the variety of things you touched on in this post:

- The crosstie is set up to default to the 32-bit installer in a Windows 7 bottle. However, if you switch to a Windows 7 64-bit bottle, it will then switch to downloading and installing the 64-bit installer instead. If the 64-bit version works better, I can update the crosstie to use the 64-bit version by default instead.

- Likewise, it is possible to use a Windows 10 (32 or 64-bit): if that offers some advantage, I can change the the default there too.

- I am a little surprised to hear that speechsdk51.dll is still needed; other forum posts claimed that it was working just fine without that. It would be helpful if you could elaborate on the problems you're having without that dll. One other workaround I've seen is going to Wine Configuration, going to the Libraries tab, selecting "sapi" under "New override for library" then clicking "Add" and then clicking "Edit" to change it to "native." If this works for you, that is something I can add to the crosstie so others don't need to do it manually.

- And lastly, the question you posed: if you're still using the same CrossOver version and you're seeing new battery problems, unfortunately there is nothing to do with CrossOver.

I am now feeling far too much regret buying a Chromebook, since I know nothing about Linux. Absolutely nothing. Had I known what a headache all of this would be, I would have paid for a Windows laptop.

All I know is this:

**My Pixelbook Go is 64 bit, so the assumption is that CrossOver will install the 64 bit versions of the programs in a W10 environment by default; it's now proven as false by your response.
**I'm interpreting the second bullet in the hyperlink as "Scrivener will eventually stop working in a W7 environment" -
**Looks like it's Scrivener 3 causing the massive battery drain; CrossOver is on latest version on my machine and I check for updates regularly.
**I have never used the installer from CrossOver; I tried and Scrivener 3 wasn't in the list at the time. Also: when I type "Scrivener" in the list of programs, there are two stars and the notation that "it doesn't work/run" as of a week ago when I did the program update, which leads me into doing the below because I know it works.

**I download the latest *.msi from Literature and Latte, the 32 bit by default now.
**It is installed.
**The splash screen freezes and Scrivener doesn't start up.
**I install the speechsdk51.dll, and it works.
**Literature and Latte update Scrivener.
**I download the new *.msi.
**I uninstall the old version because I can't update within CrossOver (as far as I know), and install the updated version.
**The splash screen freezes and Scrivener 3 doesn't start up.
**I install the speechsdk51.dll, and it works.
It should work fine to select "Scrivener" in the CrossOver software installer. It is showing 2 stars since someone left a 2 star review here ( but I have no idea how accurate that rating is. Our ratings come mostly from our users, so I encourage everyone to leave ratings for the apps they use: the more we get, the more likely it is that the combined ratings are accurate.

I'm not on a Chromebook at the moment, and I don't have a paid account, but by selecting "Scrivener" and changing none of the settings, I was able to get it to launch just fine without installing the speechsdk51.dll.

The crosstie can always be changed (by me or by other users), so if the workaround that I mentioned in my previous post is needed or if folks have tested the 64-bit version and/or tested with a Windows 10 bottle, we can always update the crosstie to give the best experience to everyone.


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