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16 Bit Applications on OSX Catalina

i have installed the beta of Crossover 19 , and later on I have installed the final release of Version 19.
All my needed applications are running fine, e.g Adobe CS4 , most of my Games to , Frozen Throne, Quake 3, Flatout 2.

But the one things which seems not be messed up are 16 bit Application which are running fine on an older built of Crossover, and running on a Linux Box with Wine-stable (latest).

Error Message I am getting looks like this

wine: could not run L"J:\SETUP.EXE": 16-bit/DOS support missing
wine: could not run L"J:\SETUP.EXE": 16-bit/DOS support missing
winewrapper.exe:error: cannot start L"J:\SETUP.EXE" (error 11)[/b]

Is there any chance to get those apps running again? I did already tried to create a win98 bottle, but this does not seem to be enough.

Nevertheless, thanks for developing that fine piece of software

It may have something to do with the OS bottle you are using, If you are going to use 16-bit code I would recommend using a windows XP bottle or older and see if that helps with your issue. Keep me posted and let me know if that helps.

I'm going to save you a headache - the special version of Wine to run 32-bit applications on Catalina does not have 16-bit support. It is hypothetically possible that it will be possible to add support in the future, but no one has had the time to attempt to implement it. The idea that 16-bit code could run on Catalina is definitely only a hypothesis for now, but it is good to know that folks are interested :)

Edit: I realized that you did not specifically mention Catalina. As far as I am aware, 16-bit applications should still work on older versions of macOS which use the standard 32-bit and 64-bit wine.


I am also interested in this! Mainly for nostalgias sake, there's something really wonderful about running ancient windows games like Chips Challenge natively on a modern mac :)

I would also like it if 16-bit support could be added in. :) I can't play Unreal (the original) anymore. :(

I have just upgraded to Catalina thinking that Crossover 19 would let me play my old windows 3 games having holding off but now realise that it doesn't support 16 bit apps currently, so I would like that feature request as well.

Please guys let's Codeweavers first concentrate on finally bringing DX11 support for Mac and we all have this Apple Silicon transition to sort out :)

In the meantime Dosbox is compatible with Catalina.

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