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Confused. New Install. Now What?

Brand new to CrossOver and installed a game (Tower!3D Pro) with it. I now have "Tower" as an app listed in the list of Installed Apps (the only one) and I have no idea how to actually launch it. I click the icon and a screen comes up with "Tower" listed above text that says "This is an application not known to CrossOver" and then there's a blue Launch button to the right, but it only offers 3 options, set the Wine Config, Command Shell and File Explorer. There's also a gray gear icon. How to do I launch the executable itself, "tower3d.exe"?

I loaded the command line and tried to run it, but was given the error that it's not seen as an executable.


Try clicking on the File Explorer. The executable should be somewhere within drive_c. I would check Program Files first :)

Anna Lasky wrote:

Try clicking on the File Explorer. The executable should be
somewhere within drive_c. I would check Program Files first :)

I see the .exe just fine. It simply won't run. It's in the folder I told it to install into (c:\Tower!3d Pro). I'm now wondering if the instance name must exactly match that of the executable. Not sure why it should need that but I'm grasping at straws now. I named the instance Tower (assuming it didn't matter what I called it) and the exe is "tower3d.exe". Very confused as to why the .exe would say it's not executable.

Still would also like to know how you're supposed to launch it once everything is right as the three options in the blue menu all seem less than optimal. Is there no option to just click something and have it launch directly?

You should be able to right-click on the executable in File Explorer and click "Create Link" to add a shortcut to the menu with File Explorer etc. This will have the same behavior, but easier to access for testing :)

It is completely possible that the game you are trying to run simply won't run with CrossOver ChromeOS (from your description I think that is what you are using). One thing to try would be to click on the grey settings button you mentioned earlier and test some things out to see if anything helps. Here are some things worth a try:
1) Turn on "Run in desktop mode"
2) Click on "Install component" and try installing some additional components into the bottle. Some common ones are the Microsoft .NET Framework (4.0 is the most common, but trying some others doesn't hurt :), Microsoft C++ Visual Redistributables (maybe try Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 (4.0) Redistributable to start?, Core Fonts. Depending on the age of the game, you could also try DirectX for Modern Games or DirectX for Pre-Windows XP Games.

Sometimes a concoction of these additional components is enough to get a game working. Good luck!

Created a link with FileExplorer, but when I click it A message box appears with a tiny square in it and then an error that says something like, "There is no Windows program configured to open this type of file."

(And yes, I believe it's CrossOver for ChromeOS).

I'll give the components a try as well. At least gives me something to try.


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