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Dongle recognition
Posted 2010-10-06 11:38
Hi everybody
I am new in this forum and I got a problem. I have installed a windows based program and it looks like Cross Over has made a fantastic job, I am really impressed! My problem comes when the program asks me for the dongle, I put it in the USB cradle, but it tells me that it does not find the security device (the dongle). The program comes with a subprogram to install the driver, and it apparently works, but the final result is that it doesn't find the dongle.
Does anyone have any suggestion in order to solve this problem?. I am not an expert in this kind of issues so I will appreciate a detailed explanation to follow easily.
Many thanks!
Ken Thomases
Ken Thomases  Staff Member
Posted 2010-10-06 14:29

The short answer is that this is a known issue and your dongle probably won't work with CrossOver.

For the most part, CrossOver relies on the host operating system (Mac OS X or Linux) for access to hardware devices.  If the host OS doesn't have a driver for the device, then Windows programs running under CrossOver won't be able to make use of it.

The Windows driver software for the dongle won't help.  You can imagine the software world as a series of layers.  On top are the applications.  They sit on the operating system.  The OS sits on drivers, which sit on hardware.  Now, ordinarily, Windows applications don't "fit" on top of Mac OS X or Linux.  So, CrossOver inserts itself as another layer just below the applications and the host OS, as an adapter which makes the two fit together.  However, CrossOver makes no attempt to insert itself between the OS and the drivers on which it relies.  That's a completely different layer.

So, while the installer for the Windows driver may succeed, the driver itself is not used and does not help the host OS interface with the hardware.

Sorry I don't have better news for you.  Thanks for trying CrossOver.


P.S. Just so you know, this particular forum within our forum system is for unsupported builds of CrossOver (like our build for Solaris, for example).  You probably wanted the CrossOver Mac or CrossOver Linux forums.
Posted 2010-10-07 04:48
Many thanks Ken for your information. I´ll have a look in the recommended Mac forum.
I´ll keep trying to find a solution
Best regards

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