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Any news for crossover@freebsd 12.x?


due to the fact that linux sometimes really suxx more and more since the last years since kernel 2.6 (and some other things that p***** me off regarding to kernel and more) i jumped sidewards back to FreeBSD.

Guess what, FreeBSD 9.1 really rocks again! Meaning, i have ZFS, i have crypt with geli, i have my good old gnome2 and even nvidia graphics with compiz! Virtualbox also works, i am missing nothing yet. Yayyyyyy!

But wait, something is missing... Crossover! :)
I looked at the unsupported builds, seems to be a bit outdated - but i understand that cx on BSD is maybe just 0,001% of all users who are using wine stuff and that is not enough.

I just wanted to say that there's another Codeweavers Advocate now who can help on FreeBSD with crossover testing and more.
Btw, i am using the wine-1.5.22 build from (linked from and it really works grrrrrrrrrrrreat!

I had no bigger problem playing Guild Wars 2 in its own wineprefix. It just took my GW2 cxoffice prefix, copied it to FreeBSD and started it with

__GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=1, LD_PRELOAD="" WINEDEBUG=-all WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-bottles/gw2 /usr/local/bin/ck-launch-session wine "/usr/home/terminar/.wine-bottles/gw2/drive_c/Program Files/Guild Wars 2/Gw2.exe" -dx9single

The parameters are taken from the winedb comments.

That means, there is a big chance that it is possible that maybe without big changes the freebsd build will be working...
Just my two cents.


Hey Björn,

want too! 😊


Hello Björn, Jens,

I run FreeBSD 9.1 and want Xover to run native Microsoft applications for uni.

Björn, have you attempted run Xover via the Linux compatibility layer in FreeBSD?

CrossOver Forums: the place to discuss running Windows applications on Mac and Linux

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