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Can't connect to multiplayer platform
Posted 2011-03-21 16:18
Hi codeweavers,

I have downloaded the Crossover's evaluation version for MAC and I'm very satisfied for the program. In fact I'm actually able (after severeal tentatives that costed three days of nerding eheh) to play in singleplayer with Age of Empires 3 (original cd).
The goal is to play in ESO, the multiplayer platform. But, when I try to connect into the server, it will remaing "blocked" on Connecting to ESO without giving any useful reponse, even a error message, anyting.
Does anyone has find the same problem?

I will be very pleased in hearing any cool news. Unfurtunally I just have three more days with the trial version, so i would like to know before that the last day if a solution exist.

Thank you! :)

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