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Planetside 2 - Could Crossover make it a goal to support it?
Jackson Kelm
Posted 2013-09-17 23:04
Hi, i was wondering if you guys at codeweavers could make it so crossover can support Planetside 2. I know it is a massive game and could take a while to support it or if you are trying to right now, but it stinks. The game, once you start it, is fine and all but when you change one setting, the game starts getting wonky. Sometimes, your whole screen will turn white, but most of the time only the stock and sights will be visible on your gun, and you can't even see your self or other players . You can't even see vehicles ! Also, it adds a bit of lag to the game, which is really annoying. So again, i please ask that you could support it since it is one of the best FPS EVER!! Thanks!  😀  😥  😭

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