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CrossOver Chromium
Our OEM port of Google's Chromium web browser.

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Does NOT work at all on Snow Leopard.
Posted 2009-09-25 16:21
Might wanna stick a note on this download that its NOT 10.4 and higher, as it will not function at all on 10.6 ...  or update it so it works, but that might be pointless...

maybe make another demo of some other software that would be cool that works on everything?
William Bokunic
Posted 2009-10-17 21:05
There's really no need now. Google released developer versions of Chrome for Linux and Mac. See:

The only thing it doesn't have right now is bookmark management. But that shouldn't matter much when compared to Crossover Chromium since CxC was never meant for personal use anyhow. Here's the download link:

By the way, that screenshot was taken in 10.6.1, so it works in Snow Leopard.

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