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Muilt-disc game install problem.

Im trying to install Command and Conquer: Generals. Its on 2 discs. The first disc installs fine but when I try to use the second disc the installer doesn't recognize the disc. How do i get it to recognize the second disc?


Can you tell me what made you think this "CrossOver Chromium" area,
in the "Unsupported Build Forums", was the appropriate place to post
this query about "Command and Conquer: Generals" ?? Don't get me wrong
here -- I'm not mocking you -- for example, you probably thought that
the "Unsupported Build Forums" was the place to start, due to the fact
that "Command and Conquer: Generals" is an 'unsupported' game?? And you
posted in this "CrossOver Chromium" area, because you couldn't find/think
of any better place to put it, once you entered the "Unsupported Build
Forums"....?? this what's transpired here?

You see, I have a ticket hoisted with our Miraculous Ninjas, regarding
the use of the word "Unsupported" in two areas of the same website realm,
when the same word is being used contextually to describe totally different
things....'unsupported build' means an unsupported build of crossover ;
'unsupported app/game' means an app/game that's not officially supported
by codeweaver's crossover products, but is likely to run just fine using
crossover products (if it's one of those apps/games that is known to work
using crossover)'s sublime, but I figure it's why people end up
posting here when they really shouldn't...I'm suggesting something like the
'Experimental' Build Forums to alleviate this confusion, so I invite you
to comment here if you would, whether such a wording change would've made
you 'think again' that you were in the wrong forum area...?

Regarding your query here, have a look on the Command and Conquer: Generals
C4 page...check in the forums and tips&tricks there...see;

You can post to the forum there for help from other users that also have this
game...but do let us know what led you -here- so some of this confusion can
possibly be avoided in the future ;)


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