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an install question
Posted 2010-05-10 17:55
wow i am amazed with this software

however i want to install a non supported app and i have got to the point where i have a new bottle created and have gone to the installer section, and it says will install from .... but i can't click on the proceed button

any ideas
Artist Formally Known as Dot
Artist Formally Known as Dot Advocate
Posted 2010-05-10 20:35

  First idea is not to post such a question here -- the Unsupported Builds
forum is for unsupported builds of crossover, not for unsupported apps/games.

Secondly, it sounds like you're doing something wrong procedurally, however
I can't really advise you because A> you haven't told us which version of
crossover you're using, and B> I don't know which OS/platform you are using?

It may actually help if you tell s which software you're trying to install as well...

Post the above information back here and I'll point you in the right direction.


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