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Problems with the sims 3.
Posted 2010-09-27 23:14
okay, i have  a macbook.
and ive had Crossover for quite a while, today, i installed 'the sims 3' it finished and everything.
too run it i open crossover, then click programs, then choose the sims 3 bottle, and the directory is:-
drive_c/program files/electronic arts/The sims 3/game/bin/Ts3.exe
BUT ! the problem is , when i click Ts3.exe nothing happens.
the bottle just stops loading.
ive swapped the Ts3.exe file for a cracked one.and it still doesnt work :S

any help will be greatly appreciated.
[By the way, Code weavers says it runs THe sims 3 in crossover]

I really want to play the sims 3 on my mac :(

Artist Formally Known as Dot
Artist Formally Known as Dot Advocate
Posted 2010-09-27 23:47

 You've posted to the wrong forum -- this forum is for Unsupported Builds
of Crossover -- I take it you're using Crossover Games Mac, which is a
Supported Build of Crossover...

When you post to the forums, *please* read 'The Fine Print' appearing at
the bottom of the post submission form, to wit "Please refrain from the
mention of DRM circumvention, such as 'no-cd patches

Codeweavers, as such, do not say that The Sims 3 runs in Crossover -- advocates
for this app report it running at Bronze/Silver level -- obviously how good (or
bad) it runs will be relative to your system make-up, OS version, and videocard
fitted etc etc...even the version of Crossover you're using may matter...see;

If you are using a disc based release of this title, it's very likely has disc based
DRM incorporated onto the media -- these are known not to work on the Mac due to the
OSX scsi driver design (a lot don't work in linux either)....for that, see;


You should repost your query to the appropriate forum -- be sure to mention which
model Mac you have ('macbook' is not enough, there are a number of different models),
which version of OSX and Crossover you're using, and what videocard/chipset your
Mac has....the correct forum for your question is here..;;forum=1


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