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Qimage Pro
Posted 2010-12-26 16:43
I just 'discovered' Crossover yesterday and have successfully installed several programs including MS Office 2007 and the SP2 update. I was really excited when I installed Qimage Pro and played around with it a bit to see it ran just great. But my hopes hit bottom when I wanted to actually print from it. There are no options for printing except for paper size and orientation. NOTHING ELSE. That makes the program completely useless. The whole idea behind Qimage is printing a high quality photo from your photo printer and photo paper. I did a search and found that others had the same experience and opinion. Is there some kind of work around to get a program to see your printer drivers and software in Crossover? Is Codeweavers interested in working on this to make it work? Other than that I'm REALLY happy with Crossover and unless I find more unwanted surprises in the next 29 days I'll be purchasing an unlock key.


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