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Running cxoffice on Solaris 10?
Aaron Wilson
Posted 2011-05-03 13:19
Not seeing a launcher in the gnome menu for cxoffice. I know the path to the executables is /opt/cxoffice/bin but what's the executable to run the gui?
Aaron Wilson
Posted 2011-08-16 15:57
Nobody? I'm trying to run this on Solaris 10. Is that even possible?
I get the following errors every time I try to run it.

Artist Formally Known as Dot
Artist Formally Known as Dot Advocate
Posted 2011-08-16 17:13

 The error you're seeing is self-explanatory (more or less ;) ;
you're missing the Python bindings for GTK-2.0 (aka. pygtk). You
would need to compile and/or install those system libraries to clear
that error. I can't advise any further as I have no experience
with Solaris (I used to run FreeBSD on my Suns ;), but basically
if a binary package doesn't exist that contains the pygtk libs,
you would need grab the source and compile/install it yourself.

Hope this helps...

R Fujii
Posted 2011-08-18 01:33
No.  The 10.x builds are just broken.  The 9.1 builds at least installed without those errors, added entries into the jds menu and you could register it.  I got those exact same errors when I installed 10.0 (on snv129, haven't tried it on s10 proper).  10.1 doesn't come up with those errors, but you can't get it to register (STILL!).

I just let my pro license expire, since it's pointless to pay for a non-functioning product with literally zero support.  Given Oracle's euthanizing of opensolaris and the newer builds 10.x getting worse, I don't see any prospects of this getting any better.

Even though I didn't get /any/ of the Community Supported Applications to work, vlc and a simple windows app works, so I was not unhappy with 9.1, though having the File dialog hang for a couple of minutes when it gets to "/" makes it vert close to useless (my guess is that there's a funny interaction with zfs root, but it's only a guess) - certainly it's not something one would expect from a paid-for product.   I was evaluating the product to see if it could be used to deal with an accounting package but this dialog problem made it a non-starter.   Codeweavers should not be surprised if they don't get much commercial interest in a product that barely functions.  

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