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Missing libesd 32-bit library


Wine needs this library in order to let Windows applications play sounds using an ESound sound server. Note that this method has a high latency and is not suitable for games. Wherever possible we recommend using Alsa instead.


To install this library, run one of the following commands as root, or look for the corresponding package names in your favorite package manager:

    32-bit Debian or Ubuntu : apt-get install libesd0
    64-bit Debian or Ubuntu : apt-get install libesd0:i386
    32/64-bit Fedora : dnf install esound-libs.i686
    32/64-bit Mandriva : urpmi libesound0
    32-bit SUSE : zypper install esound
    64-bit SUSE : zypper install libesd0-32bit
    32-bit Arch : pacman -Syu esound
    64-bit Arch : pacman -Syu lib32-esound
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