OpenGL is not using Direct Rendering


CrossOver prints this warning message if it detects that OpenGL is not using the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI). Without DRI many graphics card capabilities are not available which is likely to cause 3D games based on either OpenGL or Direct3D to fail. Should a 3D game still work, it will still take a major performance hit. If you do not plan to use games or any other 3D application you can ignore this warning.


This problem can happen if you are using a remote X display. However it is most often caused either by a missing 3D acceleration driver (look for the matching missing DRI drivers issue) or a misconfigured X / OpenGL environment. Please consult your distribution's documentation for instructions on how to troubleshoot these issues.

If you think you received this warning even though your OpenGL installation is correct, please contact our support team.

Last modified on 2022-07-08 20:22:22 by François Gouget
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