CrossOver Support

How to install CrossOver Android

Warning: Enabling (and Disabling) Developer Mode will perform a Factory Reset of your Chromebook

CrossOver is limited to Intel chromebooks which have the Google Play Store
While your Chromebook is in developer mode it is unsupported by Google.
For Chromebooks running Android N, a very recent build (dev channel or canary) may be necessary for some Windows applications to run well.

1. Enable Developer mode

  • Restart your Chromebook while holding down the Esc+Refresh keys to boot into Recovery mode.

  • In Recovery press Control+D

  • Press Enter to confirm switching to Developer mode. The computer will reboot after the switch.

  • While in Developer mode your computer will display a warning screen on startup. Press Control+D to bypass or wait 30 seconds.
  • If you press Space and exit Developer mode you will need to do all these steps again.

2. Switch Chrome OS to the Development Channel

  • Open Chrome, go to Settings, About Chrome OS, More Info, Change Channel, and select Developer - unstable.

  • After Chrome finishes switching to the Dev Channel restart the Chromebook.

3. Enable Android Apps

  • Open Chrome, go to Settings, and check Enable Android Apps on your Chromebook. This will cause the Google Play Store to install on the machine.

4. Install CrossOver Android from the Google Play store

  • You will first need to have clicked the link in the beta invitation email you received.
  • Then open the Play Store, search for CrossOver Preview and install.


  • You will now find CrossOver in your main applications drawer.

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