C4 Data - PostInstallation Profile

The data describing actions to take after the application and all its dependencies have been installed.

SkipMenu -- __boolean__

<app> <installprofile> <skipmenu> </skipmenu>

Set this option to true if the application is known to not create any menu. This is only used to save a little bit of time.

SkipAssoc -- __boolean__

<app> <installprofile> <skipassoc> </skipassoc>

Set this option to true if the application is known to not create any Windows association. This is only used to save a little bit of time.

MainMenuNever -- list of shortcuts to exclude

<app> <installprofile> <mainmenunever> </mainmenunever>

In addition to desktop integration, the Linux version of CrossOver now has its own menu of launchers for all of the Windows applications which are installed. This tag allows some shortcuts to be excluded from that list. The name of the shortcut must be given in full, including the ".lnk" extension, but not including the path. Note: as of CrossOver 12.5.0, this feature is not available in released versions of CrossOver. It is available in pre-release versions and should be in our shipping version shortly.

DefaultEAssoc -- list of EAssocs
AltEAssoc -- list of EAssocs

<app> <installprofile> <defaulteassoc> </defaulteassoc>
<app> <installprofile> <alteassoc> </alteassoc>

Associations to be exported to the host environment after the installation of this application. The associations in the 'default' list are made to be the default action when one clicks on such a file in the host's file manager. The associations in the 'alternative' list are added to the 'Open with...' list for such files (which means they may be the default action if there is no other association on the host for such files).

An EAssoc is a string representing an extension, application id, action tuple. This is how the associations are represented in the cxassoc.conf file.

Exporting associations is not supported on Android.


  • AltEAssoc is needed because on Unix there are associations that we do not want to make the default. For instance we do not want to override an application such as Open Office with the read-only Microsoft Viewers. And conversely, if we export the Microsoft Office associations as alternatives

PostRegisterDLL -- __list of restricted file glob__

<app> <installprofile> <postregisterdll> </postregisterdll>

A list of DLL files that will have regsvr32 /s called on them after the install and file copies have finished.

This setting has no effect on Android.

PostInstallURL -- url

<app> <installprofile> <postinstallurl> </postinstallurl>

The ability to pop open a browser pointed to an informative page after an application is installed.

This setting has no effect on Android.

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