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C4 Data - PreInstallation Profile

The data we need to get to the Summary dialog. This includes dependencies, supported bottle types, download information.

InstallNotes -- localizable limited HTML string

<app> <installprofile> <installnotes> </installnotes>

Used to warn users about issues they may encounter during the installation.

This setting has no effect on Android.

UDFCheck -- filename

<app> <installprofile> <udfcheck> </udfcheck>

The World Of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King DVD is a udf-format disk. This causes all kinds of mounting hilarity, so we need some special magic for this kind of disk.

UDFRemountCheck contains a file that should be present on the DVD. If that file cannot be found, we presume that the volume needs remounting.

PreDependency -- list of C4Ids

<app> <installprofile> <predependency> </predependency>

This is a list of applications that must be installed before we can install this application.

CXDiagCheck -- list of regular expression

<app> <installprofile> <cxdiagcheck> </cxdiagcheck>

CrossOver includes a diagnostic tool, cxdiag, which can identify various configuration issues that could affect the Windows application, in particular missing Unix libraries. Each issue is documented in our knowledge base along with the most common solution. This field lets you specify a list of issues that are known to impact the application installed by the CrossTie.

Prefix issues that must be fixed for the application to work with 'AppRequire:'. Prefix issues that are should be fixed in order for some features of the application to work with 'AppRecommend:'. And prefix issues that are known not to impact the application with 'Ignore:'. If you add 'Closed' at the end of the list, any non critical issue not mentioned in the list will be ignored.

Finally, instead of an issue identifier like 'MissingLibCups', you can specify a regular expression like 'Opengl.*' to match a category of issues.
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