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CrossTie profiles ("tie files") are a recipe used to tell CrossOver 10.0 and later how to install a given application package. They are rather complex and the following is a set of technical pages and documentation on the CrossTie file format.

This data is organized in layers (for lack of a better term). The data types are documented on their own page. Then each layer is documented on its own page:

  • Application Profile: This is the data we show the user when he is browsing the supported or C4 application lists.
  • Installation Profile: This one is further split in three parts for the documentation.
    • PreInstallation Profile: The data we need to get to the Summary dialog. This includes dependencies, supported bottle types, download information.
    • Installation Profile: The actual details of how to install the application, independently of its dependencies.
    • PostInstallation Profile: The data describing actions to take after the application and all its dependencies have been installed.
  • CD Profile: This is the data needed to recognize a CD and tell the user what application it corresponds to.
  • Advanced Profile: This describes tags that do advanced profile processing allowing for limited branching

  • Examples: A few simple working examples of CrossTie files
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