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Tie file - User Guide

What is a Tie file?

A tie file is a 'recipe' that tells CrossOver how to install a Windows software application. It allows a CrossOver user to install a target application with a single mouse click.

How does it work?

Technically speaking, a tie file is a formatted XML file. When you click on a tie file link in our Compatibility Database, you'll be prompted to download the the tie file to your machine. After downloading the tie file, on Mac you can drag and drop the tie file onto the CrossOver icon, double click on the tie file to have CrossOver load the file or choose to open it directly with CrossOver. On Linux you can double-click on the tie file, right-click and choose "Open With-->Crossover", or if you're a command-line junky, you can open the file with

$ /opt/cxoffice/bin/cxinstaller --tiefile="path/to/the/tiefile.tie"

CrossOver reads the XML 'recipe' and begins the installation process for the target application. The tie file tells CrossOver everything it needs to know about how to install the target software package, how to detect if it is installed, and even how to determine what software package a given CD is for. CrossOver will also automatically understand all the dependencies, tweaks and settings that would be needed to make that application install and function to the best of its ability.

You can watch a movie of an application being installed via a tie file here:

Do I need CrossOver to use a Tie file?

Yes, you have to have a copy of CrossOver Mac or CrossOver Linux in order to take advantage of this functionality. If you don't have Crossover installed on your system, your computer will have no idea what to do with a tie file.

Will Tie files work with free Wine?

No. The tie file functionality is a value-add for CrossOver customers.

Do I need to own the Windows software I want to install via a tie file?

If it's not a freely downloaded application, then yes, you do. If you're not sure if this is a freely downloaded app or not, you'll be able to tell when you open your tie file in Crossover. Just look to the "installer" bar (which is the second bar from the top) in the Crossover Software Installer menu.

If the bar says "Will download the installer from [website address]", then the app will be downloaded and installed automatically. Just click "Install" to proceed.

If the bar says "Select an Installer", then you'll need to browse to the downloaded file or install disc that you already own prior to clicking "install".

Can I use both Tie files and the normal CrossOver installer?

Yes. All of CrossOver's supported applications can still be installed via the normal CrossOver installer. So if these are the applications you want to install, then feel free to install them as you have done previously, via CrossOver's menus. However, many of our customers also enjoy using CrossOver for applications that are not officially supported. In these cases, our wonderful team of Advocates. have done the work to figure out the best way to install a target application under CrossOver. A tie file is the distillation of that knowledge. Tie files give us the ability to extend our installation process to include hundreds of these other applications, and make it simple to install them.

Can I make my own Tie files?

Currently, tie file writing privileges are being given to CodeWeavers staff and Advocates.

Regarding Non-Official Tie files

If you've downloaded a tie file *directly from our website*, it is most likely safe. We do review all tie files submitted by advocates prior to posting them on the website, and we test most of them on our machines, but there is always the slight chance that a file linked to by a tie has been altered between the tie being written and your using it.

If you've downloaded a tie file from anywhere other than our website, it should be viewed with extreme skepticism. We have no idea who wrote it, or what it will install.

We are very interested in your experiences with tie files and expect that they will begin taking a larger and larger role in future CrossOver releases.
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