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How to Set Up and Use Google Cloud Print

Before using Google Cloud Print with CrossOver, you need to set up your printer. Here is Google's tutorial on setting up a printer with Google Cloud Print.

Set Up

1) Click twice on the icon of the program you want to use with Google Cloud Print to go to the "Manage" page
Note: You will have to configure every bottle separately. Individual programs within a bottle will all be configured at the same time. Each bottle will show up as a separate icon under "Installed Apps."

2) Click the Settings Icon to the right of the blue "Launch" button, and click "Configure Cloud Printers"

3) Click "Allow" to give CrossOver the necessary permissions

4) Choose the Google account that your printer is set up with. You can now use any printers associated with this account in this bottle.

Using Google Cloud Print in an Application (Example: Microsoft Word 2010)

1) Click "Print" in your application. Make sure that "Google Cloud Print" is selected.

2) You may need to sign into the Google account associated with your printer again.

3) Select the printer you want to use, or select "Save to Google Drive" to save the document to your Google Drive.

4) If you selected a physical printer, click "Print" in the upper right hand corner to send the job to the printer.

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