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Is my application successfully installed in CrossOver?

Depending on the application that you are installing, a range of behaviors are possible following a successful installation. These behaviors depend mainly on how the application would run natively in Windows.

The following guide is for a typical application. Most applications create icons when installed on a Windows OS. If you think that your program is not set to create an icon, see this page for further information.

  • Successful installation: When the icon is clicked a single time, the icon "expands" to reveal a launch option and a manage option.

  • Successful installation: If the application is a suite, more than one application will be seen in the "expanded view"

  • Unsuccessful installation: Clicking on the icon immediately opens the "manage" page. Clicking "Launch" will only show Command Shell, Wine Configuration, and File Explorer.

If you think that your program installed properly but you are seeing the "unsuccessful installation" behavior, see this page for further information.

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