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I need a fresh start. How can I erase every trace of CrossOver from my system?

The quick answer, delete CrossOver's data files:

  • (home)/Library/Application Support/Crossover
  • (home)/Library/Caches/com.codeweavers.CrossOver
  • (home)/Applications/CrossOver
  • /Library/Application Support/Crossover
And to delete CrossOver itself, erase:
  • /Applications/

Delete CrossOver's preferences by issuing the following command in Terminal:

defaults delete com.codeweavers.CrossOver

The long explanation:

First you should drop your CrossOver application icon into the trash and empty it. This may first require you to stop the CrossOver CD Helper.

User-specific CrossOver files are located in your home folder, under the Library/Application Support/CrossOver hierarchy. Trash that folder and its contents for each user of CrossOver on your system.

To delete CrossOver's preferences:

  • From the Finder's Go menu, select Utilities
  • From the Utilities folder, launch the Terminal application
  • In the Terminal window, type the following command:

defaults delete com.codeweavers.CrossOver

Finally, if you have any published bottles or CrossOver has been run using your system's administrator account, you may have files in /Library/Application Support/CrossOver on your startup drive. These may also be removed.
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