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DMCA and Copy Protection

There are often times when CrossOver will only run a Windows program if that program has been cracked to remove copy protection from it.

Further, there is a strong sentiment amongst our customers that this sort of alteration is a reasonable exercise of a consumer's rights.

However, in the United States, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act makes it illegal to link to software that would help someone circumvent digital rights management (DRM). Further, while there is much about the DMCA that some find distasteful, and there are parts there that are actively being challenged, courts have ruled that linking to such software is against the law. Companies have been successfully prosecuted for providing such links on their web sites.

Given that, CodeWeavers feels that it is necessary for us to remove any such links from our web site as we become aware of them.

Thus, we require that all pages and forum posts on our web site contain no links or information to enable people to circumvent DRM and we will remove any such links as we become aware of them.

If you live in an area that is not subject to the DMCA, and wish to seek these solutions, you will need to search resources that are outside of the jurisdiction of the DMCA.
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