CrossOver Linux FAQ

Before going too far, be sure to run CrossOver's diagnostic tool. Open a terminal and run the command:



Output from that will be a list of libraries CrossOver typically looks for. If you are having trouble finding those libraries, please look at our more specific information available HERE.

Distro-specific issues

Although we do not provide support for all of the following distributions, we are collecting useful information for each.

Which Linux Distros are supported?
Chrome OS

Other Unsupported Distro FAQs

CrossOver Installation

 Will CrossOver interfere with my existing Wine installation?
 CrossOver hangs during ClamAV virus scan
 Install and use multiple versions of CrossOver on Linux

Menu Problems

 How can I change the size of my menu font?
 Start menu items do nothing
 Get CrossOver Menu items to appear on Xfce


 Troubleshooting Sound Problems


 Mesa 3D Graphics Library
 Manually set the VideoMemorySize of your graphics card
 How does Linux handle multiple monitors
 Second monitor goes blank when starting a Windows application
 How to manually disable CMST (Command Stream) in the registry

Bottles, Associations, Fonts

 How can you map a document type to open in a native application?
 Why do my CrossOver applications report time a hour faster or slower than my system?
 How can I turn off anti-aliased fonts?
 "Create Package from this Bottle" fails with no error message
 How do I map a drive?
 Enabling subpixel rendering/anti-aliasing in CrossOver
 How to manually change file associations in a bottle
 How can I get CrossOver to recognize new fonts added to a bottle?
 Cannot open image files after installation of Office 2007
 How to move bottles outside of ~/.cxoffice
 Open .exe files with cxrun rather than cxinstaller
 Control Panels are missing from a bottle

Virus Scan

 Windows Virus Scans
 Disable a Virus Scan on Linux

KDE issues

 Crossover issues seg fault when installed from .bin file on KDE
 CrossOver applications lose focus under KDE
 CrossOver segfaults on KDE 4.8
 Missing CrossOver XI menu icons on KDE
 KDE 4.5 and earlier - Windows Applications Menu issues


 How to upgrade my Steam bottle to Windows 7 and get rid of the XP warning
 Will CrossOver work with my security patches? (grsec, libsafe, etc)
 Using CrossOver over an NX session
 Printing landscape still results in a portrait output
 How can I run an application from the command line?
 Mapping a Samba share to be writable by CrossOver
 Applications installed within CrossOver in Virtual Box do not print
 Mount a SMB file share to the filesystem so Crossover can access it

Lesser known distros

Note that these are not distributions we do any regular testing on.
 How do I install CrossOver on ElementaryOS?
 How do I install CrossOver on PCLinuxOS?
 Does CrossOver work on Jolicloud Linux?
 Enable Full Desktop Mode on an Eee PC

Deprecated Articles

 Installing CrossOver on Linux x86_64 Distributions
 KDE 4.5 and earlier - CrossOver and/or Windows Applications Menu issues
 I am using KDE and the Windows Applications menu is missing
 ClamAV claims vcredist_x86 contains a virus
 "Broken pipe" or "deprecated" errors
 Attempt to unlock mutex that is not locked
 Missing CrossOver XI menu icons on KDE
 Older games with 4:3 aspect ratio are stretched in full screen
 I am using KDE and the Windows Applications menu is missing
 ATI initialization crash
 How can I get my mouse wheel to work in CrossOver?
 Apps in upgraded bottles fail with "unimplemented function" error
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