We regularly test Ubuntu. It is the most widely used Linux distribution and makes up for two thirds of our Linux user-base.

If you are struggling with installation, please contact our Technical Support Staff so that we can assist you.

Basic Installation

In most cases you should be able to install Crossover just by double clicking the .deb and using the Software Installer. If that doesn't work then you can install it using gdebi instead. As always, we assume your system is up to date prior to starting our steps. If you are unsure, please open a terminal by pressing ctrl + alt + t and run:
sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade

Ubuntu doesn't come with gdebi installed so you will need to install it first
sudo apt-get install gdebi

Download the latest version of CrossOver from our site:


Use gdebi to install CrossOver:
sudo gdebi ~/Downloads/crossover_20.0.0-1.deb

Run CrossOver:

On first run, CrossOver will check to see if every library it needed was installed. If not, it will again attempt to install the libraries it needs. To do this, it will open an additional terminal window and prompt for root credentials. Please provide these credentials so CrossOver can complete the set-up process.

Previous Install from the Ubuntu Software Center

Error Message:
This CrossOver Linux Debian package cannot be installed on top of a Loki or MojoSetup package.

If CrossOver was installed with the Ubuntu Software Center, the place-holder that method leaves behind will need to be removed.

for 32bit:
sudo apt-get remove crossover-trial-bin

for 64bit:
sudo apt-get remove crossover-trial-bin:i386

And, if the terminal gave this or similar output from the above command:

dpkg: warning: while removing crossover-trial-bin:i386, directory '/opt/cxoffice/etc' not empty so not removed.```

The additional pieces will need to be removed manually:  
++color:tomato;background-color:cornsilk;++__Please be careful with this command!__++  
```cd /opt/ 

sudo rm -rf cxoffice/```

Now that you are in a clean state, download the latest version of CrossOver and continue with the installation instructions.
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