I am using KDE and the Windows Applications menu is missing.

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This is usually caused by (too much) editing of the menus with kmenuedit. An easy way to see if that's the case is to look for a xxx-kmenuedit.menu file, usually in ~/.config/menus. If you find such a file, move it out of the way, then log out and log back in. If the menus become visible, then that was the problem.

Another possibility is that you have three bottles or more putting their menus in 'Windows Applications'. While allowed by the XDG standard, this seems to confuse KDE which then loses some or all of these menus. A workaround is to reconfigure the extra bottles to put their menus in a different location.

To do so in CrossOver 9.0:
  1. Go to Applications
  2. Choose CrossOver
  3. Choose Manage Bottles
  4. Select a bottle
  5. Choose the Control Panel tab
  6. Launch Edit Menus
  7. Set the Menu root field to something other than 'Windows Applications'

To do so in CrossOver 8.x and earlier:
  1. Go to Applications
  2. Choose CrossOver
  3. Choose Configuration
  4. Choose the Manage Bottles tab
  5. Select one of the bottles
  6. Click on Configure
  7. Go to the Menu tab
  8. Set the Menu root field to something other than 'Windows Applications'

This can also happen on early versions of SuSE 9.0. On these systems a workaround is to rename ~/.kde/share/applnk/Windows Applications to ~/.kde/share/applnk/WindowsApplications (i.e. remove the space). However the recommended fix is to upgrade your distribution to the latest SuSE 9.0 revision.

One other thing to try is delete ~/.config/menus/applications.menu This directory will then be recreated by the window manager and may display missing Windows Application menu items.
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