How can I change CrossOver's sound backend?

++color:red++This information is highly outdated and should only be used on old versions of CrossOver and Linux. Please see our sound troubleshooting guide++

CrossOver has multiple sound backends that allow it to interface with many sound systems. You can specify which sound backend is to be used by starting OfficeSetup and going to the Settings tab. There the Sound driver load order determines which sound backend to use.

  • The default value is 'wineoss.drv' which interfaces with the Open Sound System (OSS). This backend will also work with the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) drivers if their OSS compatibility mode enabled. Check out our ALSA FAQ for more details.
  • To interface directly with the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) version 0.9 or later, set this field to 'winealsa.drv'. Then consult our ALSA FAQ.
  • Similarly, to interface directly with the aRts sound server, set this field to 'winearts.drv'. Then consult our aRts FAQ.
  • CrossOver can also interface with the Network Audio Sound (NAS) system. To do so set this field to 'winenas.drv'. However note that this driver has not been tested at all so that we do not provide support for it at this time.
    Note that you can also list multiple sound backends separated by colons in your order of preference. However this can cause some applications to malfunction and is thus strongly discouraged at this time.
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