KDE 4.5 and earlier - CrossOver and/or Windows Applications Menu issues

Note - as of KDE 4.5 and Crossover 10 the issues dealt with by this article should no longer be affecting users.

KDE 4.x is very slick and fun to use, but does not entirely conform to Open Desktop standards. As a result, there are a few known menu issues that arise from using CrossOver with KDE.

If you're missing your Windows Applications menu, or you can see the contents of only one bottle in your Windows Applications menu, the most likely explanation is that you have two or more bottles putting their menus in 'Windows Applications'. While this works fine on GNOME and is allowed by the XDG standard, this seems to confuse KDE which then loses some or all of these menus. A workaround is to reconfigure the extra bottles to put their menus in a different location, or a subdirectory within Windows Applications. To do so, go to CrossOver's Bottle Manager, select one of the bottles, click on Configure, go to the Menus tab, and set the Menu root field to '/Office 2k3', for instance, or '/Windows Applications/Office 2k3'.

If your Windows Applications Menu is present but the folder/application icons have been replaced by "?" icons, you'll just need to re-set your menu root. Open the Bottle Manager, select a bottle, click Configure, go to Menus, and delete the contents of the Menu root field. Add a simple "/", Apply, and Ok. Then go back into that bottle's Configure->Menus dialog, clear the Menu root field again, and re-enter the original Menu root designation ('/Windows Applications', or any variation thereof as needed). Apply, and Ok. This will re-generate the menu root and the appropriate icons.

If CrossOver appears in your Applications folder but CrossOver's menus are missing, you'll need to first delete your ~/.config/menu/kde4-applications-merged directory (also delete the ~/.config/menu/applications-merged directory if it is present). You will then need to delete CrossOver itself (just CrossOver, i.e. ~/cxoffice, not your bottle structure, which lies in ~/.cxoffice), and then re-install CrossOver. Afterwards, you will probably need to go into your Bottle Manager and enable the menus for the applications in each bottle. Please see the top paragraph for troubleshooting Windows Applications menu issues.
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