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Extraction of Windows Installers fails on Fedora

This page is highly outdated and remains in place for reference only. For the most up to date information, please visit our general Fedora FAQ page

The most explicit symptom of this problem is that a windows installer (such as Internet Explorer 7's installer) will fail immediately upon self-extracting, reporting that it is "unable to find volume for extraction".

Some other windows installers will simply fail, unceremoniously, as is the case with the Office 2010 installer when from a CD or mounted ISO (as opposed to being run directly from the "setup.exe" file), and also the Windows Script 5.7 installer.

Lastly, you will notice that inside the Manage Bottles>Control Panel>Wine Configuration>Drives tab that no drives are listed, and instead you see an error reading "Failed to connect to the mount manager, the drive configuration cannot be edited."

This problem is caused by Fedora 17 defaulting to the use of udisks2, which isn't yet supported in CrossOver. To work around this problem, just install udisks:

$ yum install udisks

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