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Windows apps won't launch on OpenSUSE 12, Crossover 12

Some OpenSUSE users (particularly those with the GNOME desktop environment) may find that Windows apps installed with Crossover refuse to launch, and new attempts to install windows apps fails with a "X11 does not work" message.

The first thing to do is to run a "cxdiag" check as per the instructions outlined here.

If you have any of the missing 32-bit libICE, libSM, libX11, libxcb, or libXext warnings, fix those first as they all break X11 thus triggering this warning too.

If you have all of the aforementioned libraries installed (meaning they are not flagged as missing by the cxdiag check), the next thing do is to install libXdmcp6-32bit.

If your windows apps continue to fail to run, you may need to move Crossover's built-in libxcb out of the way in order to allow Crossover to use the system's libxcb. To do so re-name the libxcb files that ship with Crossover, which you'll find here:


or, if you installed using the .bin file instead of the .rpm package,


The libxcb files will be called

try re-naming them to something like ""
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