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Attempt to unlock mutex that was not locked

This affects all versions of CrossOver prior to version 14. CrossOver 14 has been released, this article is no longer current.

After installation, CrossOver is unable to run or launch properly. Terminal will report:

Attempt to unlock mutex that was not locked Aborted (core dumped)

Or similar messages like:

Attempt to unlock mutex that was not locked Abandon

And in some instances will also reference a gtk module.

This currently occurs on systems running testing libraries such as Debian Testing, Mageia 5 Alpha, and Fedora 21 Alpha.

The fix will be included in the next major release of CrossOver, version 14. Because the change is not yet in mainstream Linux, we have not released the fix for CrossOver 13.2.

If you are experiencing this issue, please contact our Support Team by using our Contact Us form. Please reference bug number 12256.

Once you have let our team know that this issue affects you, please feel free to download the patched version of CrossOver 13 available here with access code glib2.

For reference, within CrossOver we made deprecated gtk calls that were not passing the thread safe checks. However, because of the nature of these calls in our code, we only needed our gobject calls to become thread-safe. We do not expect this to change overall functionality of CrossOver but because the updates to glib2.0 are still in testing, we have not yet made the change in the stable version of CrossOver, version 13. Should those changes become standard prior to the release of CrossOver 14 we would release an update to CrossOver 13.2 with the fix applied.
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