Gathering debug logs in Crossover Linux

Open Crossover and select the desired program from the BOTTLES section in the menu sidebar.

Highlight the program in the Programs' section of CrossOver. Right click and choose 'Run with Options... to create the log file.

Select the Create log file option.

Manually enter the requested logging channels in the Extra logging channels box, or click the plus sign and select them from the drop down menu.

Once the requested logging channels are selected, click Run.

CrossOver then prompts you to select a location to save the log file. Choose a location (desktop seems easiest) and enter a file name. Click Save and CrossOver launches the program.

Repeat the actions that triggered the original issue in the Windows program. When finished, exit the application and the CrossOver Run Command dialogue box.

Finally, locate the .cxlog file on your computer. Right click the file and select Compress... before providing the debug log to tech support.

Alternately you can enable Crossover's logging from command line. Below is an example of how to enter the logging commands.

$ CX_LOG=~/cxlog.txt CX_DEBUGMSG=+seh,+tid /opt/cxoffice/bin/wine --bottle "bottlename" --cx-app launcher.exe

CX_LOG= identifies the location of the log file to be created.

CX_DEBUGMSG= identifies extra log channels (leave this out for a "basic" log)

/opt/cxoffice/bin/wine presumes that you installed Crossover from a package install. If you used the .bin file as user, that command would read ~/cxoffice/bin/wine

"bottlename" identifies the specific name of the bottle

launcher.exe identifies the specific name of the .exe file that launches the program

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