DXVK and CrossOver Linux

We added support for DXVK in CrossOver 18. In order to use DXVK, certain hardware and corresponding software is required. During the DXVK installation, CrossOver will look for Vulkan; the DXVK setting will only be accessible if Vulkan is detected. We have listed a short guide for installing Vulkan underneath the installation guide.

Intermediate and Advanced Users: If you have a functional Vulkan implementation, using DXVK is quite simple. First install DXVK into your bottle using the software installer. The DXVK setting will become functional (instead of greyed out) and you can toggle DXVK on and off.

Installing DXVK

1) Verify that CrossOver recognizes your Vulkan implementation.

Click on System Information and look under Properties for "vulkan.present"="yes". If it says no, then CrossOver does not detect Vulkan and will not install DXVK. We have some tips and references for installing Vulkan at the bottom of this page.

2) Toggle the "wine bottle" icon so that your bottles are listed on the left hand side.

3) Right-click on the bottle you want to use DXVK with. Click on "Install Software into Bottle".

4) Search for DXVK and select it from the drop down menu. Follow steps to finish install.

5) You can now toggle DXVK on and off in your bottle by right-clicking on the bottle.

Vulkan Tips and Tricks

Driver Requirements

++color:tomato;background-color:cornsilk;++Since Vulkan is a relatively new API, older drivers do not support it. Make sure your graphics drivers are up-to-date.++
The author of DXVK outlines which drivers are compatible here.

Installing Vulkan on Debian based systems (Including Ubuntu)

warning: Always use caution with sudo. You could fry the system.
sudo apt install mesa-vulkan-drivers mesa-vulkan-drivers:i386 libvulkan1 libvulkan1:i386 vulkan-utils

Arch guide for Vulkan

Here is the official Arch wiki guide to Vulkan.

External resources for other distros


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