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Removing Crossover Linux

Crossover is stored in two locations on Linux. The Crossover binaries exist at /opt/cxoffice and the bottles and config files at ~/.cxoffice.

The typical Mark for Removal will delete the Crossover binaries. Mark for Complete Removal will also get rid of the bottles.

1. Quick Removal

Open your package manager (Synaptic in this example) and search for crossover.

Right-click on the Crossover entry, or go to the Package menu, and choose Mark for Removal.

And apply the changes.

2. Manual Removal

Alternately you can open a terminal and run:

sudo rm -rf /opt/cxoffice rm -rf ~/.cxoffice

or just

sudo dnf erase crossover
(For Fedora 23 and later)

to completely remove Crossover.

(We also have instructions for uninstalling CrossOver Mac)
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